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Marmox Tile Backer Boards

Marmox is a reinforced tile backer board that can be used with all undertile heating systems.

Bond to concrete or screed floor using a flexible tile adhesive or can be screwed to timber or boarded floors.
can be used with either under tile loose cables or mat heating kits.

Correct insulation forms a integral part of any properly designed and well installed underfloor heating

Floorwarmers recommend and supply Marmox insulated tile backer boards for use with our under tile heating cables and mats.

Boards siszes are 1250mm x 600mm and thickness from 6, 10, 12.5, 20, 30, 40, 50mm.

If any Marmox insulation is bought with out underfloor heating mats or cable then you would need to ring and pay for a delivery or please choose the insulation only delivery at checkout.