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How To lay Heating mats and cables.

As you can see from the picture start your mat near to the point where your thermostat is going to be positioned in the wall, then roll your mat out to the far edge then as you can see in the picture you cut through the matting between the cable loops ( DO NOT CUT THE HEATING CABLE ) turn the mat and bring it back alongside the first strip you have laid. (Always reduce the total size of the room by 1m2 ie 10m2 area use a 9m2 mat) For best results always try and lay the heating mat on to a insulation board (ie Marmox or Blueboard on to concrate or Marmox on to a wood sub floor).

First lay a insulation board over the area you are going to tile (ie marmox insulation boards) As you can see from picture on the right mark around the edge 60mm from the wall edge or any other edge that is going to be ageinst the wall like Kitchen units, Baths, Showers, loos and basins.  Then determing the spacing you want to lay the cable out at 6cm 165w/m2, 6.5cm 150w/m2 or 7.5cm 135w/m2, once you have this then mark across your floor with the spacing you want then start laying the cable (The start position should be around the area you are going to put the thermostat in the wall) along these marks tapeing down as you go to hold the cable in place, once you have got to the far side turn the cable and bring it back down the second set of marks you have marked on the floor, remember try to keep the spcing of the cable the same over the whole area. (DO NOT CUT THE HEATING CABLE )   

First determing the size of mat you need this is done by measuring the total area of floor space you want to heat then taking 10% off this will then give you the size of mat you need (ie 15m2 total minus 10% = 13m2 mat kit) when you have the right size mat you start to lay it close to where you thermostat is going to be in the wall,the reason you take the 10% of is you leave a 70mm gap around the edge and a 25mm gap between each run of the matting as you can see in the picture, so you roll your mat across your floor and once you are 70mm from the far wall or edge you are using you cut through the foil mat between the cables (DO NOT CUT THE HEATING CABLE) then you turn the mat and bring it back along side the first run you have laid leaving the 25mm gap between the two, you then carry on doing this untill you have covered the area you want to cover. after every turn of the mat you use the earthing tape supplied to connect the to mats back together as you can see in the picture. After all the mat has been laid you can then put your laminate or engineered wood  floor directly on top of the foil heating mat, then connect the cold tail cable to the programmer lay the floor probes between two runs of the cables and jobs done. Full detailed instructions come out with every kit. you will need to lay at least a 5mm Depron (XPS) insulation board on to you floor first before you lay the foil mats down.

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