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Heatmiser wifi neoStat-e Thermostats

The Heatmiser neostat-e is our all new product for 2014 offering you a smarter way to control your electric underfloor heating, upgrading your system is as easy as swapping your existing thermostats to the new neoStat-e and plugging the neoHub into your router.

The neostat-e is supplied with a 3meter remote floor sensor and is capable of switching up to 16amps.

You can connect it to the neohub and other neostats within your home to create a fully controllable network system of your home and heating.

Once connected to the neohub you can then work  every neostat from a Phone, tablet, or computer.

The heatmiser neoHub is the gateway to the neo system connecting your Phone, tablet, or computer to your neostats-e in your home while you are out and about.

The Heatmiser neoHub connects to your internet router with the cable supplied

The Heatmiser Neostat-e can be used without the hub as a standalone thermostat.